The Mayrhofen Piste Map is available in hard copy format at all of the lift stations in the Mayrhofen ski area.


Mayrhofen Piste Map


The mayrhofen piste map will show you the different ways to access both the Ahorn and Penken mountains.  The Ahorn has one uplift option which is the Ahornbahn, located at the back of the car park between Bruck n Stadl and the Hotel Perauer.  This will take you to the top of the Ahorn ski area which is home to many blue and red runs as well as the challenging home run back to resort.

When studying the Mayrhofen piste map you will see that there are a number of options to access the Penken mountain.  The new Penkenbahn is stationed in the centre of town next to the Hotel Strass and wull transport guest to the summit in just under 10 minutes and has WiFi enabled cars to keep you occupied.  It is also possible to use the Horbergbahn located in Schwendau, which is much easier for those coming to MAyrhofen by car, as well as gondola located in Finkenberg for those located that side of Mayrhofen.  The new penkenbahn should eradicate a lot of delays at peak times, however it is worth using some of these options at real peak times.

The Mayrhofen piste map also shows a number of ski routes, which include a home run option to the horbergbahn base station, which is possible with the correct snow conditions as well as a ski route that links the Raskogel ski area with Eggalm, meaning skiers in Mayrhofen are able to ski across to Eggalm and enjoy some of the best conditions in the mayrhofen ski area.