Mayrhofen Weather is awesome!  It is hot and sunny in the summer with many instances of temperatures in the 30s, with a number of days last summer recorded at the top end of that scale! July and August are typically the warmest months of the year, with the highest level of precipitation also recorded in July.

Mayrhofen Weather Graph

The rainy season is often quoted as June, July and August however typically we will see nice hot days in this time with rainfall at night or isolated days of very heavy rainfall.  The month with the highest number of sun hours in the Mayrhofen weather cycle is also July with December showing the highest mean monthly relative humidity.

Mayrhofen weather in the winter is cold and full of snow, making it ideal for the thousands of snow sports enthusiasts that visit annually.  The coldest month of the year in Mayrhofen tends to be January, with the lowest level of precipitation recorded in February.  Spring conditions are great and perfect for the annual Snowbombing Festival.

Mayrhofen Temperature

Mayrhofen town is located at just under 650m and so although snow conditions vary year on year, typically heavy snow conditions are only really experienced in the town at the coldest parts of the winter season.  Mayrhofen weather conditions mean that getting to resort is easy and transfers and rail services are not subject to the delays that are found in some higher resort locations.

Mayrhofen Weather table

If you are driving to Mayrhofen remember that you are required by law to have winter tyres and also now chains where stated.  It is not only the legal issue, but one of safety and we can not stress highly enough how important it is to take notice of this.  Although the Mayrhofen weather is favourable for travelling, once it turns you will need these safety measures to make sure you stay on the road.